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     Laboratory with constant temperature and constant humidity planning


    Laboratory with constant temperature and constant humidity is a laboratory by some special equipment and technical methods and makes it wet indoor temperature in a certain time and experiment with the requirements of the standard atmosphere.It is a infrastructure which helps the enterprise in the inspection of product quality and the control of the circulation.And it is widely used in textile, wool, chemical fiber, paper, packaging, tobacco production enterprises and the quality inspection, chemical fiber inspection departments and so on. In accordance with the relevant ISO and GB standards, such as textiles, textile materials, paper and cardboard box as the quality of the goods inspection of physics project required in standard atmospheric conditions. In addition to the laboratory with constant temperature and constant humidity, there are other special requirements such as 5-18℃ relatively lower temperature,30-80 ℃higher temperature,relative humidity requirements is less than 40% RH temperature or relative humidity above 80% RH such kind of special requirements.

    恒溫恒濕實驗室是將某一實驗室通過某些專用設備和技術方法,使其室內溫濕度符合某一調濕和試驗用標準大氣的要求。恒溫恒濕實驗室是生產企業的產品質量檢驗與控制和流通領域里的商品質量檢驗把關的基礎設施。恒溫恒濕實驗室廣泛應用于棉紡、毛紡、化纖、紙張、包裝、煙草生產企業以及質檢、纖檢等部門,按照ISO和GB有關標準規定,紡織品、紡織原料、紙張、紙品和紙箱等 商品的物理項目的檢驗需在標準大氣條件下進行。除了常規溫濕度的恒溫恒濕實驗室,還有其它特殊的5-18℃低溫、30-80℃高溫、相對濕度要求小于40%RH低濕、相對濕度高于80%RH的高濕等特殊要求的恒溫恒濕實驗室。

    The overall design and planning of the laboratory with constant temperature and constant humidity


    01.The extent of temperature and humidity control          溫濕度控制范圍

    02.The accuracy of the temperature and humidity control          溫濕度控制精度

    03.Cleanliness          潔凈度要求          04.Lighting requirements          照度要求

    05.The hot humidity range of the equipment          設備的熱濕量范圍

    06.The system of wind bringing and returning of the airconditioning          空調送回風方式  

    07.The measures of pneumatic balance          空壓之平衡措施 

    08.The necessity of introduction of new wind          引入新風之必要性  

    09.The necessity of the exhaust system          系統排氣的必要性  

    10.The heat preservation and heat insulation measures          保溫隔熱的措施 

    11.The equipment and the power configuration          設施與動力之配置  

    12.Electrostatic, vibration and noise          靜電、振動及噪音   

    13.The arrangement of the space of the equipment and airconditioning          設備空間與空調間   

    14.In and out of the channel and the buffer of clothes changing          進出通道及更衣緩沖區之安排     

    15.Enough space maintenance          足夠維護保養空間          16.Ceiling height and floor load          室內凈高與樓板載重  

    17.Pollution, pollution and control          公害、污染與防災   

    18.The measure of installation and operating costs          安裝及運轉成本之衡量   

    19.The requirements of aesthetic property         美觀性要求         20.Installation cost/schedule control        安裝成本/工期控制  

    21.Operating costs          運轉成本          22.Maintainability and flexibility factors, etc          維護性&彈性等因數 

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